Cryptocurrency Trading Platform – Is the top place to exchange money for CryptoCurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum. Use Cryptocurrency trading platforms to manage & trade CryptoCurrencies peer to peer, plus, get the best Cryptocurrency prices & exchange rates.

                                                              What is a cryptocurrency Trading Platform?

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are sites where you can buy, offer or return cryptocurrencies for other digital forex or conventional forex like US dollars or European. For those that want to business expertly and can get to elegant dealing resources, you will likely need to use a return that needs you to ensure your ID and open a forex consideration. If you just desire to create the casual, uncomplicated business, there are also systems that you can use that do not need a forex consideration.

                                                             Types of CryptoCurrency Trading Platforms

CryptoCurrency Trading Platforms – These are sites that link consumers and take a fee from each deal.

Direct Trading – These systems offer immediate someone to another dealing where individuals from different nations can return forex. Direct dealing transactions don’t have a set amount; instead, each supplier places their own return amount.

Brokers – These are sites that anyone can visit to buy cryptocurrencies at an amount set by the agent. Cryptocurrency agents are similar to forex dealing traders.

                              What to look out for before becoming a member of a CryptoCurrency Platform

It’s important to do a little preparation before you start dealing. Here are a few things you should check before making your first business.

Reputation – The best way to find out about a CryptoCurrency Platform is to search through opinions from individual customers and well-known market sites. You can ask any inquiries you might have on boards like BitcoinTalk or Stumble upon.

CryptoCurrency Trading Platform Fees – Most transactions on a CryptoCurrency Trading Platform should have fee-related information on their sites. Before becoming a member of, create sure you understand down payment, deal and drawback charges. Fees may vary considerably based on the return you use.

       Payment Techniques – What transaction methods are available on the CryptoCurrency Trading Platform?

Credit score & charge card? Wire transfer? PayPal? If a Crypto Currency Trading Platform has restricted transaction options then it may not be practical for you to use it. Remember that buying cryptocurrencies with a bank cards will always need identification confirmation and come with a quality cost as there is a greater risk of scams and greater deal and handling charges. Purchasing cryptocurrency via cable exchange will take considerably longer as it needs time for financial institutions to process.

CryptoCurrency Trading Platform verification specifications –Most of the Bitcoin CryptoCurrency Trading Platforms both in the US and the UK need some kind of ID confirmation to help create remains & distributions. Some transactions will allow you to stay unknown. Although confirmation, which can take up to a few days, might seem like a pain, it defends the return against all types of frauds and money washing.

Geographical Limitations – Some particular customer features provided by CryptoCurrency Trading Platform transactions are only available from certain nations. Ensure the return you want to participate in allows full option all system resources and procedures in the nation you currently live in.

Exchange Rate – Different CryptoCurrency Trading Platform transactions have different prices. You will be very impressed how much you can save if you shop around. It’s not unusual for prices to go up and down up to 10% and even greater in some circumstances.

                                                               The Best CryptoCurrency Trading Platform

Today there are many CryptoCurrency Trading Platform systems to choose from, but not all CryptoCurrency Trading Platform are equal. This list is based on opinions as well as many other requirements such as user-friendliness, availability, charges, and security. Here are ten of the best CryptoCurrency Trading Platform.

1. SimpleFX recently won the award for best cryptocurrency trading platform 2017 at the World Cryptocurrency Expo, which took place 1-2 December 2017 in Warsaw, Poland.

                                                               SimpleFX team commented on the trophy:

"It's wonderful that SimpleFX has won the award for the best cryptocurrency trading platform. SimpleFX has been connecting environments and Forex for cryptocurrency 3 years, enabling Bitcoin trading customers on MetaTrader 4 platform as the world's first forex broker. What`s more, SimpleFX is the forerunner in the Forex ecosystem offering both Bitcoin and Fiat payments. This award motivates us to continue developing the first trading software as well as affiliate tools for digital currency users around the world. "

This year SimpleFX has been very busy. In November its customer base reached 100,000. They also introduced DASH and Bitcoin cash as deposit cryptocurrencies, alongside Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, which had already been available. Another development has been to introduce Crypto indexes, which give traders better liquidity, ultra-fast feed data and faster order fulfilment.

SimpleFX offers over sixty currency pairs, sixteen pairs of cryptocurrency, as well as indices (including NYSE, NIKKEI, DAX), stocks (including, Snapchat, Google, Facebook) and commodities (including, Gas, Oil and Gold). In addition to the five deposit cryptocurrencies, traders can choose between fifteen deposit currency and flexible deposit options, such as bank transfer, skrill, neteller, credit cards.

SimpleFX makes every effort to ensure the security of their merchants. That's why they offer complete anonymity on the protection of negative balance accounts and cryptocurrency. 

Client funds are also held in separate accounts. SimpleFX has brought together a global trading community, stress over 130 of the countries. Traders can use live chat to instantly exchange opinions or simply share a table. Another distinctive feature is a robust affiliate program that allows you to benefit from growing your referral network. Its features include a set of marketing tools, detailed statistics and advanced analytics, as well as scalable and lifetime benefits. What you get at the end is 25% of the commercial spread of your referrals.

Simple FX - Forex CFDs on Bitcoins, Litecoins, indices, precious metals and energy. Simple FX is another top CryptoCurrenct trading platform.

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