Cryptocurrency Trading – Is the act of converting money into CryptoCurrencies for investment. Discover how to trade CryptoCurrencies, plus, what CryptoCurrencies are most profitable. We are the #1 spot for Cryptocurrency Trading online & Crypto Investments.

Cryptocurrency trading is the standard term for dealing in cryptocurrency. There are many different crypto- currency units with which traders can easily speculate on price trends and the price volatility of the various cryptovalue markets. We will discuss different variants and options bellow.

Cryptocurrency investment portfolio Before we start. The trade in crypto coins is very volatile. Be careful. We recommend that you compare these options with each other and test them carefully by opening several free test and demo accounts. Do not go all-in immediately!

Cryptocurrency trading   

1. Active with traditional derivatives from recognized brokers with beautiful trading environments. It is best to act very easily, without any hassle, in cryptocurrency (without managing them yourself) via CFDs. You can easily take positions through these regulated regular financial contracts and conclude through an investment account. You can open it for free at a good CFD broker such as Crypto500 and Markets.

Cryptocurrency cfd trading Markets   is a more complete trading environment, yet Crypto500 is definitely worth a visit. It is a Dutch broker that focuses solely on the trade in cryptocurrency. Another important advantage is that these CFD trading environments do not collapse under enormous buying / selling pressure. For more information:

Why should I trade cryptocurrency with CFDs?

2. Careful and safe in-house with the desired cryptocurrency without levers and other bells and whistles.

Changelly crypto currency trading

Cryptocurrency Trading - This is best done by buying cryptocurrencies from your trusted bitcoin exchange and favourite hardware wallet via a pure cryptocurrency exchange such as Changelly. The bitcoins are immediately converted to the cryptocurrency of choice and sent to your favourite wallet (in-house). As a result, you are master of your own cryptocurrency and you have started building your own cryptocurrency portfolio. Only when you want to take profit in Euros is it necessary to use a Bitcoin exchange. For more information: Changelly.

Cracking crypto trading platform

3. Advanced CryptoCurrency trading students!

You can actively trade in cryptocurrency by buying and selling in pairs at a good cryptocurrency exchange with a well-equipped trading account such as EXMO, HitBTC, The Rock, Poloniex or Kraken. There are also more advanced meta-cryptocurrency trading platforms developed such as Coinigy from which you can manage all cryptocurrency trades on the professional exchanges of Kraken and HitBTC, Poloniex, Bittrex and others.

CryptoCurrency Trading - The best meta-platforms for setting trading bots and managing various exchanges from a cryptocurrency trading platform have been developed by CryptoTrader and Coinigy!

Bitmex crypto currency trading

4. BitMEX is the reference for the professional cryptotrader that wants to trade in specific forward contracts (futures for) and exchange contracts (swaps) in Bitcoin, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies! BitMEX is a very well-specialized Bitcoin derivatives exchange. Below you can see an introductory video about the BitMEX service.  Deribit crypto derivatives trading

TIP: BitMEX is a very good solution for a professional crypto trader, but there is a Dutch alternative! This is Deribit. This Dutch crypto derivatives exchange is also unique because they also offer Bitcoin Option Trading! Below in the video you can see how Bitcoin futures trading works on Deribit:

Cryptocurrency Trading

5. You want to trade with foreign currencies with Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin or Dash; but also in stocks, indices and US government bonds? Then you can take a look at the trading platform of the Whaleclub. For more information: Whaleclub Review.

Act on real cryptocurrency further explored: There are a number of benefits associated with trading with cryptocurrencies:

It is very easy to learn and you can start with very small amounts. It is open to everyone, it is very accessible. There are no unnecessary intermediary parties that make money from all kinds of issues and costs that are charged.

Cryptocurrency trading strategy it is very educational, fun and the risks are manageable as long as you only speculate with money that you can lose.

Remember that speculation with cryptocurrency is always associated with risks.

You can cover these risks well by applying the right Cryptocurrency trading strategies that you can set up with the CryptoTrader platform. Cryptotrader is an algorithmic trading platform for cryptocurrencies. You can use this to automate your trading strategies thanks to a flexible built-in script based on the Coffeescript. The CryptoTrader helps you manage and automate your cryptocurrency trading strategies.

You can also buy CryptoCurrency trading strategies from experienced traders, then implement them immediately and have them executed automatically. You can connect the CryptoTrader to the most established cryptocurrency exchanges: such as Kraken, HitBTC, The Rock, Spectrocoin and OKcoin! Here we recommend our readers to link your Kraken account to the CryptoTrader. If you want more cryptocurrencies simply open an account at Poloniex and manage it from your Cryptotrader or Haas online platform.

CryptoCurrency Trading - As a next step, you can complement these services with the Magnr trading platform.   Magnr is mainly designed for the simple realization of Bitcoin Margin trading on various exchanges. Not too many bells and whistles. It is a nice and clear service. For more information: Magnr

Do you want a lot of bells and whistles? You must be sure!

BitMEX Visits: The next step is to take a look at the following CryptoCurrency Trading service providers. You can just open a free CoinTracking or Coinigy to open a cryptocurrency trading account. From a CoinTracking or a Coinigy platform you can manage and organize all your favourite Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges for carrying out a professional cryptocurrency trading strategy over multiple exchanges simultaneously!

For more information: Coinigy.

Where and how can I best start with cryptocurrency trading?

When you decide to try Cryptocurrency trading you will first have to start with bitcoins. Bitcoin already has a huge market capitalization, a lot of liquidity with a volatile bitcoin exchange that strikes itself in a long-term upward trend.

In addition, buying Bitcoins is easy and you can best use this cryptocurrency to buy other crypto coins. Cryptocurrency trading is the fastest and the cheapest via bitcoins on a good cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. Good and advanced bitcoin trading platforms also work together with the CryptoTrader.

Determine which crypto coins you want to speculate with. Are you going to sell some bitcoins for Litecoins and resell Litecoins in a week when the Litecoin price is high and the bitcoin price low? CryptoCurrency Trading - Would you like to buy cheap ETH with Bitcoins and hold on to it as a long-term investment as you believe in a very strong price increase in a number of years?

Based on your favourite coins, you also select a cryptocurrency trading platform. Kraken is an excellent trading platform for Ripple, Dogecoins, Litecoins, Stellar, ETH, ETC and of course Bitcoins, but does not have NXT. In that case you will have to choose a more complete cryptotrading platform like HitBTC that supports more cryptocurrencies.

The best thing is to only start with established crypto coins with good market capitalization like Bitcoin, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash etc. New crypto coins with little market capitalization are vulnerable to potential pump & dump deception. Therefore, as a beginner, pay attention!

Therefore, we recommend that all beginner CryptoCurrency trading students connect a Kraken account to the CryptoTrader and focus your strategies on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin.

CryptoCurrency trading: Profits can not only be taken in terms of Euros but also in other currencies and precious metals such as gold by combining a Kraken account with a wallet in a Bitcoin Gold Exchange. CryptoCurrency Trading - In a good Bitcoin gold exchange you can buy and sell fine bitcoins for physical gold.

Be careful in the beginning, start small and build up experience. Follow a good Cryptocurrency trading course and keep up to date with the latest developments in the area of ​​your favourite investment coins. Follow sites such as Coinpursuit, Coindesk, view charts on Bitcoin Wisdom.

How can I trade in cryptocurrencies via derivatives (Bitcoin derivatives Trading)?

HARDCORE: besides the aforementioned BitMEX there is also Deribit and not to forget: Crypto Facilities. CryptoFacilities is just like BitMEX a cryptocurrency derivatives service provider in London with advanced derivative trading solutions. You can buy Bitcoin Turbo's and Bitcoin Futures here! For more information: Crypto Facilities!

CryptoCurrency trading Beginner: Bitcoin Binary Options.

If you want to speculate on price volatility with cryptocurrencies via derivatives, then it is easiest for the beginner to buy or place bitcoin options with the Dutch broker Optie24. For more information: Option24 Review.

Another well-known CryptoCurrency trading platform for speculating with binary options has been developed by AnyOption.

Bitcoin CFDs: Another financial instrument is the contract for differences. Via CFD's trading platforms such as 24Option, Markets, Plus500 and eToro, you can also speculate extensively with the price volatility of cryptocurrency with levers.

Bitcoin EFTs. Exchange Traded Funds for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is under development. It is likely that the first Bitcoin ETF will become available on the stock exchange in the middle of 2017. For more information: Bitcoin ETFs.

When it comes to CryptoCurrency Trading Should you choose a combination between active and passive perhaps? A passive part using Magnr! You can lend bitcoins to specialized trading exchanges such as Magnr . You invest an X number of bitcoins in a savings account and automatically earn a passive income in the form of a fixed interest rate. Pay attention, most of these formulas are often scams and you will have to search for regulated fairs.

Magnr is a trusted party where you can actively trade with Bitcoins (also with levers) at various exchanges and where you can earn passive interest on your bitcoins via the savings program. For more information: Magnr!

Which cryptocurrency trading bots are available?



Haas Online


Cryptocurrency trading and security

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading exchanges is a target of hackers. Make sure that your account is well secured with 2FA and additional login codes via SMS. Use an e-mail alias so that it is difficult to find the actual e-mail address, to crack it and because of a password-reset it can still be possible to gain access to your account.

Read on the site of each CryptoCurrency trading exchange which specific security measures they take. Also invest in a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano and secure your computer with a good malware scanner. If you have a Mac, you could consider the Mackeeper as it also has an anti-theft module. In addition, this software can clean your mac. Of course, you can also immediately go for the best total solution when dealing with various devices in crypto coins: Bitdefender Multi-Device Security!

Certainly, you can learn everything on your own, but if you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies with a lot of money, it is recommended to follow a Cryptocurrency trading course. A Cryptocurrency trading course will give you a good foundation to be able to successfully trade cryptocurrency with the Crypto Trader on the basis of knowledge and good strategies.

                                                            List of Best CryptoCurrency Trading Platforms

1. Simple FX - Forex CFDs on Bitcoins, Litecoins, indices, precious metals and energy. Simple FX is another top CryptoCurrenct trading platform.

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2. XCoins: Buy Bitcoins Instantly using Credit Card, Pay Pal or Bank Transfer, no sign up needed, borrow Bitcoins Instantly with low fees. 

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XCoin Investors - Instantly become a Bitcoin Investor and loan Bitcoins and get high returns on your investment. Transactions are instant and 100% secure. Join XCoins free now and start loaning Bitcoins.

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                                                 4. Crypto Pay: Get your Bitcoin Debit Card here free Today

                                                   5. TrueFlip : Blockchain Lottery Join Today and Win Big

                                            6. Starcoin Casino: Join Today and get No Deposit Bonus to Play

                                              7. Indacoin : Bitcoin Exchange Join here now and Get Bonus

                                                                      CryptoCurrency Trading Platform

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